1. Oscilloghost
    dogs versus shadows

  2. All Roads Lead To Polesworth

  3. Strange Systems
    Rupert Lally

  4. Immortal Death
    Yves Malone

  5. Elea 9003

  6. Living Posthumously
    Portland Vows

  7. When Comfort Is Stranger
    Andy Fosberry

  8. Plastic Present
    Daniel Saylor

  9. THIRD01: Music By Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley
    Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley

  10. Guide Me Through The Hills Of Your Home
    Bary Center

  11. Jawbone

  12. Plaza To Plaza / Specific System
    Dakota Blue

  13. Подполья

  14. Unknown Restraints
    Reflex Condition

  15. Final Wave
    Nicholas Langley

  16. On Being Pollinated

  17. Nix Six New Plus Two
    Nicholas Langley

  18. a/c/a/b e/p/3
    All Cats Are Beautiful

  19. Redirected Midi
    South City Hardware

  20. Are We Not Drawn Onward To New Era
    Linden Pomeroy & Nicholas Langley

  21. Entropy Soundtracks & Ambients Volume 2
    Nicholas Langley

  22. Oh. Snap.
    Mudd Corp

  23. Broken Hearts At The Bongo Breakers Yard
    Peter Hoggarth

  24. Life Of The Why - The Mixtape Volume 1
    EQ Why

  25. The Most Of What You Need Is All You'll Ever Have
    Yves Malone

  26. #17

  27. Puzzle Time
    Bary Center / Yorihisa Taura / Nicholas Langley / Chemiefaserwerk

  28. Spirit Replica
    Linden Pomeroy

  29. Springtime Comes To Every Household
    Kyle & Wilbur

  30. The Wandering Of Days

  31. Acid Wave Head Rush
    Stuart Chalmers

  32. THIRD27
    Various Artists

  33. Erm & Nickname
    Erm & Nickname

  34. Reclamation Yard

  35. Laika & Other Works
    Elizabeth Veldon

  36. 10 Movements For Large Synthesizer (1909)

  37. Widdendream

  38. Seltrac
    International Debris

  39. Nomenclature

  40. Inside Memory's Head
    Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning

  41. Hattie Cooke
    Hattie Cooke

  42. Outdoor Games
    Plains Druid / Lost Trail / Leaaves / Linden Pomeroy

  43. Loserlord
    Mudd Corp

  44. Cymru Cynhyrchiol
    Nicholas Langley

  45. Witch Flower
    Reflex Condition

  46. Dolby Vivisol

  47. Mind Control
    Fisty Kendal

  48. The Long Halloween Mixtape
    Various Artists

  49. Creating Friction

  50. Mock Man Hawk Does The Blooze
    Mock Church

  51. C90 & C60
    Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley

  52. Winter City Patterns 1-4
    The Vitamin B12

  53. Dashboard
    Reflex Condition

  54. However, The Joke Became Serious
    Wrong Signals

  55. Moon Through Dark Trees
    Dark Half

  56. Sci-Fi Rains & Heartaches

  57. Bloodshot Lazer Eyes
    Peter Hoggarth

  58. Music By Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley
    Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley

  59. SINGLE: Dravet / Quick Guide
    Portland Vows

  60. SINGLE: 'Rail Replacement Service Christmas Party'
    Peter Hoggarth

  61. SINGLE: ‘Heat Haze’ from the album ‘Plastic Present’
    Daniel Saylor

  62. SINGLE: You Know, For The Kids
    Fisty Kendal

  63. SINGLE: Fever Dream (Hz Dub)
    Linden Pomeroy

  64. SINGLE: 'Flywork' from the album 'Final Wave'
    Nicholas Langley


Third Kind Records Brighton, UK

Third Kind is a label based in Brighton UK specializing in unique short-run cassettes. The first 3 albums were released on 3 Sept 2013.

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